Brazen California Swipes Law-Abiding Citizen’s Gun Permit After Heroic Defense!

Vince Ricci, a homeowner in Los Angeles, California, had his concealed carry gun permit revoked by the state after using his firearm to protect his family from would-be robbers. This decision by liberal California has left Ricci outraged and frustrated. In a video for the NRA, he expressed his disappointment in the state’s actions. He claimed that his permit was suspended because he had yelled at police officers who arrived to investigate the shooting three days after the incident occurred.

Ricci criticized the LAPD for their sloppy police work, including failing to collect casings as evidence near his home. The incident took place on November 4, when two armed men tried to force their way into Ricci’s home just as he returned. His wife, 5-month-old daughter, and their nanny were inside the house during the attack.

Obtaining a concealed carry permit in California has become increasingly difficult compared to other states. However, California law does allow legal U.S. residents over 18 to carry firearms on their private property without a permit or license. Ricci argued that his shooting was clearly an act of self-defense as the two men pointed guns at him. He emphasized that this incident is not isolated and that many individuals face similar situations regularly.

Ricci’s case caught the attention of the NRA, who deemed the revocation of his CCW permit reprehensible. They praised Ricci for his actions in defending his family and criticized Governor Newsom and District Attorney Gascon for their pro-criminal policies. According to the NRA, Los Angeles has been transformed into a war zone due to these policies. Ricci compared his once-beautiful home to a war zone and blamed left-wing local leaders for failing to enforce the law on violent criminals. He highlighted the case of an innocent father being killed because Gascon released a violent criminal back on the streets.

The owner of Beverly Hills Guns supported Ricci’s case and saw it as an example of a legally armed man exercising his Second Amendment rights. He explained that criminals in Los Angeles are now more brazen and heavily armed than ever before. Ricci fears that his Second Amendment rights are now in jeopardy because of California’s left-wing politicians. He believes that they prioritize their anti-gun agenda over the safety of responsible gun owners.

Vince Ricci’s story highlights the struggle faced by law-abiding citizens in California who seek to exercise their Second Amendment rights. The state’s decision to revoke his concealed carry permit despite his clear act of self-defense raises concerns about the infringement on gun rights and the prioritization of political agendas over public safety.

Written by Staff Reports

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