FCC Greenlights Big Government’s Internet Power Grab!

In a controversial move, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted for a plan by the Biden administration that could potentially give the government complete control over the Internet. Critics are calling this a “takeover of the Internet” and are expressing concerns about government abuse and over-regulation.

The plan, which is being touted as a way to prevent digital discrimination and promote equitable access to broadband internet, would grant the FCC broad control over all aspects of the Internet, including network infrastructure, speeds, pricing, customer service, and more. Many believe that this level of government control is incompatible with the principles of free market capitalism.

FCC Commissioner Brandon Carr has been a vocal opponent of this plan, calling it a “sweeping regulatory regime” that was never authorized by Congress. He also warned about the plan’s vagueness, noting that the FCC reserves the right to regulate both “actions and omissions,” leaving the door open for potential liability for both doing something and doing nothing.

Carr also fact-checked the Biden administration’s claims about the need for this level of regulation, pointing out that previous claims about the end of net neutrality causing harm turned out to be unfounded. He argued that the plan is driven by an ideology of government control that goes against the principles of free market capitalism.

This move by the Biden administration comes after a previously issued executive order that aimed to regulate the Internet based on the goals of promoting “diversity” and equity. The executive order raised concerns about the potential for vague terms like “equity” to be used as justification for government overreach.

Overall, this controversial plan has sparked fears of government over-regulation and abuse of power. Critics argue that it is a step towards a government-controlled Internet that could stifle innovation and limit freedom of speech.

Written by Staff Reports

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