CA Dems Admit Anti-GOP Travel Ban Fiasco: New Plan Exposed!

In a surprising turn of events, California Democrats have finally admitted that their previous attempt to stick it to GOP states was not only a total failure but also a complete headache for everyone involved. Back in 2016, they passed Assembly Bill 1887 as a response to North Carolina’s bathroom bill controversy. However, it seems that their grand plan has not only fallen flat but has also caused more harm than good.

The travel ban against states with “anti-LGBTQ” laws was initially aimed at only four states. But now, over half of the country finds itself on this ban list. It’s clear that California’s attempt to punish conservative states has backfired spectacularly. Not only did the law make agencies’ work more difficult, but it also caused chaos for student athletes and was blatantly ignored by none other than Governor Gavin Newsom himself.

Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of this whole debacle is the fact that the law had so many loopholes and exemptions that it became virtually meaningless. While most reasons for travel were still technically allowed, it was just made more complicated. State-funded universities had to rely on private donors to cover travel costs, while public employees and university researchers were left out in the cold when it came to attending professional events and out-of-state meetings.

But wait, there’s more! The travel ban also did absolutely nothing to slow down the spread of laws that Democrats objected to. It’s almost comical how ineffective their strategy has been. And if that wasn’t enough, Governor Newsom himself took a family vacation to Montana last year without batting an eye. Of course, the hypocrisy of their beloved leader traveling to a red state while publicly bashing them is lost on these Democrats.

Finally, after years of failure and embarrassment, Democrats in California have decided to repeal this disastrous law. They have now come to their senses and realized that it’s time to switch gears and try a new approach. The new measure, known as the BRIDGE Project, aims to allocate $5 million to carry out a media campaign in states on the travel ban list, with the hope of promoting LGBTQ acceptance.

While this may seem like a positive move, one can’t help but see the political agenda lurking behind it. Democrats claim they want to open hearts and minds, but it’s clear that their true objective is to push their own agenda onto conservative states. With the sheer number of bills targeting LGBTQ issues being introduced nationwide, it’s evident that Democrats are more interested in imposing their beliefs rather than respecting the diversity of opinion across the country.

As always, the clock is ticking for Governor Newsom. He has until October 14th to either sign this new bill into law or veto it. Let’s hope he sees through the ulterior motives of his party and upholds true conservative values instead. After all, it’s time we put a stop to these partisan games and focus on what truly matters – the well-being and freedom of all Americans, regardless of their political beliefs.

Written by Staff Reports

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