Clinton Judge Orders Trump to Appear in Court, Imposes Gag Order

Donald Trump, the beloved former president of the United States, is once again under attack from the radical left and their cronies in the justice system. Judge Juan Manuel Merchan, a Clinton-appointed judge, has ordered Trump to appear at a hearing in Manhattan on May 23rd in his criminal case. This is just another attempt by the left to discredit and silence the most successful president in recent history.

The biased judge is also enforcing a limited gag order against Trump, forbidding him from defending himself against charges and attacking witnesses by pointing to exculpatory evidence presented at trial. This is a clear violation of Trump’s First Amendment rights and is just another example of the left’s attempts to silence conservative voices.

According to NBC News, Merchan plans to “school” Trump on the gag order. This is unacceptable behavior from a judge who is supposed to be impartial and fair. The judge is also allowing prosecutors to drag Trump’s name through the mud during the election campaign, while Trump is forbidden from breaching the order. This is hypocritical and just shows how the justice system is rigged against conservatives.

The case involves 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, but Trump’s lawyers have tried to move it to federal court. However, the case continues in state court, where the judge has issued a protective order barring Trump and his lawyers from disseminating evidence to third parties or posting it to social media.

This order was sought by prosecutors who claim that Trump has a history of “harassing, embarrassing, and threatening statements” about litigants in legal disputes. This is just another attempt by the radical left to discredit Trump and his legacy as the most pro-America president in recent history.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who secured the criminal indictment, has also been accused of coordinating with the White House, thereby committing “election interference.” It is clear that this is just another example of the left’s attempts to silence and discredit conservative voices and stifle democracy.

The biased judge’s actions, the unjust indictment, and the left’s coordinated efforts to silence conservative voices are all a threat to our democracy. We must stand up for our First Amendment rights and support Trump as he fights back against this unjust prosecution.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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