CNN Panelist Slams Kamala Harris: Fake Claims About Florida’s Curriculum?

In a recent speech, Vice President Kamala Harris made false allegations about Florida’s curriculum, specifically claiming that middle school students in the state will be taught that enslaved people “benefited” from slavery. However, a closer look at the actual curriculum reveals that this is not the case. The approved curriculum states that instruction will include how slaves developed skills that could be applied for their personal benefit. This led to criticism of Harris for blatantly lying and misleading the American people.

Scott Jennings, a conservative commentator on CNN, criticized Harris on the “State of the Union” show, accusing her of making up facts and fabricating the issue. He pointed out that he had thoroughly examined the curriculum and found no evidence to support Harris’ claims. The fact that Harris jumped on this fabricated matter without any evidence speaks to her lack of important work to do as Vice President.

Writer Charles W. Cooke also penned a scathing takedown of Harris, highlighting that the new curriculum does not gaslight or whitewash slavery, as she claimed. He labeled her statements as brazen lies and argued that she should issue an apology for her false claims.

Harris’ tendency to mischaracterize the truth is just one reason why she is so unpopular. Her delivery and use of words salads only further contribute to her unpopularity. While there can be legitimate discussions about what should be taught in schools, it is impossible to have meaningful conversations if the facts are constantly being misrepresented.

Overall, Harris’ false allegations about Florida’s curriculum demonstrate her willingness to spread misinformation for political gain. It is important to fact-check and question these claims to ensure the truth is known.

Written by Staff Reports

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