Comey’s Book Event Rocked by Unexpected InfoWars Confrontation

Former FBI Director James Comey experienced a bumpy ride at an Austin book promotion event for his latest fictional murder mystery novel, “Central Park West”. The event was held at the Austin Central Public Library and encouraged Comey to take part in an author discussion, a reading, an audience Q&A, and a book signing line. However, Comey received a hostile welcome from Owen Shroyer of The War Room with Owen Shroyer on InfoWars, who wasn’t afraid to make his conservative views heard.

The audience was surprised as Shroyer unleashed a series of taunts aimed towards Comey, amping up the emotions in the room. Shroyer’s remarks were pointed and stinging, accusing Comey of investigating Donald Trump illegally and supporting violent Democrat policies. Even when the audience tried to calm him down, Shroyer continued his speech further, condemning Comey’s covering up of Hillary Clinton’s crimes and veiling the Biden crimes as well.

Shroyer challenges the crowd, stating that they should join in his applause for Comey, who he believes did the right thing by weaponizing the government against Trump. When the audience starting booing him and responding aggressively, he targeted Comey himself, encouraging him to be grateful for being viewed as a hero. Unbothered by the growing hostility in the room, Shroyer continued his platform, calling out to Comey again, stating that he should be happy, as Trump is the real bad guy. Shroyer was eventually approached by law enforcement officials to stop and quickly obliged by taking his seat under protestation.

Shroyer, who was charged with being present at the Capitol insurrection on January 6, accompanied by Alex Jones, still maintains his fervent opinions. As of now, the charges against him are still unresolved. The event was a clear indication of how deeply divided the nation is, with political differences running so deep that security is now required at public events.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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