Congressman Buck’s Bold Move: Invoke 25th to Oust Biden, Prioritize Nation Over Politics

In a bold move that is sure to ruffle some feathers in Washington, retiring Colorado Congressman Ken Buck is demanding that President Joe Biden be ousted from the Oval Office by invoking the 25th Amendment. Buck’s resolution stems from a report by special counsel Robert Hur, which suggested that Biden may have mishandled classified information and highlighted concerns about his mental and physical capabilities.

Buck didn’t hold back in his criticism of Biden, stating that the president’s mental sharpness has taken a nosedive, making him unfit to effectively lead the nation. He called on Vice President Harris and the Cabinet to prioritize the country’s well-being over political alliances and take the necessary steps to remove Biden from power.

While invoking the 25th Amendment is no walk in the park, the process exists for exactly these kinds of circumstances. It allows for the removal of a president who is deemed incapable of fulfilling his duties due to health or other reasons. In essence, it’s a fail-safe to prevent a “problem presidency” from causing long-term damage to the nation.

Buck’s stance on this issue might surprise some, given his past criticisms of President Trump and reluctance to jump on the impeachment bandwagon. However, his calls for action against Biden demonstrate a commitment to upholding the integrity of the presidency, even if it means going against the grain of his party.

As Buck prepares to bid farewell to Congress, his outspokenness on this matter underscores his dedication to putting country before party. His frustration with the current state of politics and the GOP’s fixation on past grievances mirror the sentiments of many conservatives who are fed up with political gamesmanship at the expense of progress.

While Buck’s resolution may not gain widespread support, it serves as a reminder that standing up for what’s right sometimes means going against the tide. In a political landscape marred by division and self-interest, Buck’s call for accountability and leadership resonates with those who value principles over politics.

Written by Staff Reports

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