Cuellar Carjacked in Dystopian DC: Safe Under Biden’s Watch?

In a shocking turn of events, Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar of Texas was carjacked at gunpoint in Washington, D.C. on Monday night. Thankfully, Cuellar is safe after the terrifying incident. The Metropolitan Police Department received a report of an armed carjacking at around 9:32 pm at the intersection of New Jersey and K Street in Southeast Washington. The car involved in the crime was a white Honda C-HR with a Texas license plate, and the suspects are described as three black males wearing all black clothing. Authorities are urging anyone who sees the vehicle or suspects to call 911 rather than engage with them directly.

It is deeply concerning to see lawmakers, who are responsible for crafting laws and ensuring public safety, becoming victims of crime themselves. This incident is a stark reminder that even our elected representatives are not immune to the dangers that exist in our society. It is a wake-up call to prioritize law and order and to support policies that keep our communities safe.

Unfortunately, this carjacking is not an isolated incident. Earlier this year, Democratic Congresswoman Angie Craig of Minnesota was physically assaulted inside an elevator in her apartment building in the nation’s capital. The fact that lawmakers can’t even feel safe in their own neighborhoods is a clear indication that something is seriously wrong.

We must do better to protect our elected officials and uphold the values of our democracy. Our lawmakers should be able to focus on their duties of serving the American people without the fear of becoming victims themselves. It is time for stronger law enforcement, stricter penalties for criminals, and a renewed commitment to ensuring the safety of all Americans, including our elected representatives.

Written by Staff Reports

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