Dem Candidate Drops Anti-Semitic Bomb on Kevin McCarthy

Former Democratic congressman Mondaire Jones, who has received an endorsement from Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, caused quite a stir when he made an “antisemitic” remark about former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Jones, who is running for Congress in New York’s swing district (NY-17), took to social media to mock McCarthy’s meeting with Orthodox Jewish leaders in the Hudson Valley. He sarcastically called the meeting “a waste of everyone’s time,” igniting backlash from both Republicans and Democrats.

McCarthy has been courting the Jewish community in the area, hoping to secure their support for Mike Lawler, the incumbent representative whom Jones is challenging. During the meeting, McCarthy expressed his friendship with the community and promised to advocate for parental rights in education. Despite not receiving an endorsement, McCarthy vowed to continue building relations with the Jewish enclave.

Many found Jones’s comments deeply insulting and antisemitic. Joel M. Petlin, superintendent of the Kiryas Joel Village Union Free School District, accused Jones of insulting the very people he wants to represent in Congress. U.S. Representative Josh Gottheimer expressed deep concern over the antisemitic rhetoric and emphasized the importance of meeting with religious leaders. Another Democratic congressman, Jared Evan Moskowitz, criticized Jones for his choice of religion to highlight in his post.

Jones tried to clarify his remarks, stating that he believed McCarthy had repeatedly wasted the time of Hasidic leaders in the past and would continue to do so. However, critics argued that his comments were inappropriate and disrespectful. Some even called for Jones to apologize to the Jewish community in the district. Republican candidate Mike Lawler pointed out that Jones’s association with the far-left Squad, known for its controversial views, was not surprising given his comments.

It remains to be seen how this incident will impact Jones’s congressional bid, but his affiliation with the Squad and his controversial statement may not resonate well with voters in the district. Jones is currently the favored candidate for the Democratic nomination in the primary, which will take place on June 25th.

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