Democrats Dropping the Ball? J6 Committee Withholds Key Communication Records!

The Jan. 6 Committee, which was supposedly investigating the events of that day, is being exposed for its true agenda — attacking former President Donald Trump and the Republicans. Rep. Barry Loudermilk has discovered that the Committee failed to preserve important documents, data, and video depositions, including its communications with the Biden White House. It seems clear that they didn’t want these records to be turned over, and one can only wonder why. Loudermilk also found that the Committee did a poor job in looking into the security failures that occurred on Jan. 6.

The documents they obtained were disorganized and lacked important information from what Loudermilk calls the “Blue Team,” the section of the committee tasked with investigating the breach itself. The committee also failed to turn over all of their material as required by law. Chair of the committee, Rep. Bennie Thompson, claims they handed over everything, but it seems he is playing fast and loose with the truth. Loudermilk discovered a letter that the Committee didn’t turn over, which showed communication between Thompson and the White House about interviewing personnel.

This raises questions about the independence of the committee and why the Biden White House was involved. Loudermilk is demanding that the White House turn over any documents they received as well as the unredacted letter. It’s clear that the Jan. 6 Committee has a lot to hide, and their actions may come back to haunt them.

Written by Staff Reports

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