Democrats in Disarray as Biden’s Leadership Under Fire Ahead of Convention

The Democratic Party is currently embroiled in a grand spectacle of disarray. The question of whether a man who claimed to have “finally eaten Medicare,” couldn’t recall watching his disastrous debate with Donald Trump, and blamed a bad cold and exhaustion for his lackluster performance despite being seen at a Waffle House at 2 a.m., should remain on their ticket is sparking fierce internal battles. With three-fourths of the nation convinced that this individual is too old and mentally compromised to be president, even the Democratic megadonors and congressional Democrats are plotting against him.

Rumors are swirling in the halls of the White House, with senior officials whispering that it’s time for this walking gaffe machine to step down. Has anyone bothered to ask his pledged delegates about their thoughts on this fiasco? The Washington Post did, and the awkward silence speaks volumes. At the Democratic National Committee, there’s an effort to cobble together some semblance of unity to avoid a train wreck at their impending convention.

Despite the shaky ground he’s standing on, Biden remains adamant that he isn’t going anywhere. Yet, the cracking facade of unity among the nearly 3,900 delegates—chosen for their unwavering loyalty to him—signals how perilous his situation has become. The convention, intended to be a rousing rally to kickstart the campaign, is now overshadowed by doubts about Biden’s ability to lead, which only weakens the Democrats’ chances against former President Donald Trump, irrespective of who they put forward.

This summer, the role of delegates is to nominate the Democratic presidential candidate. Officially, these delegates are bound by “good conscience” to vote for Biden, but they’re also expected to follow marching orders from the party overlords. With cracks forming in Democratic solidarity, stemming from the fallout of the debate, the party machine has revved up its gears to whip delegates back in line.

The Democratic Party of Georgia fired off a guarded email to party activists and delegates, urging them to exercise caution when engaging with the press and providing scripted talking points in support of Biden. One battleground state, Pennsylvania, even refused to give reporters their delegate list, and neither the DNC nor the Biden campaign has disclosed a national delegate list, a move that smells of desperation.

What’s becoming increasingly obvious is that the support for Biden is a teetering house of cards. Democratic governors are circling their wagons—not to save Biden’s floundering presidency, but to keep Kamala Harris from running against Trump in a last-minute shakeup. The 20 or so governors who had a “private” meeting with Biden last Wednesday, where it was revealed that he saw a doctor and hid it from the public, are the last vestiges of muscle propping up his leadership amidst plunging poll numbers.

As Biden’s mental coherence continues to deteriorate, it’s just a matter of time before this high-stakes political drama spirals into an even greater mess. The next few weeks are bound to be an entertaining catastrophe for onlookers as they watch the Democrats scramble to keep their house from crumbling.

Written by Staff Reports

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