Democrats in Panic Mode as Trump Gains Ground and Outfunds Biden

Top advisors and strategists are getting worried about President Joe Biden’s chances in the next election against former President Donald Trump. This news comes as polls show Trump doing well and raising lots of money, making Democrats nervous with the election coming up soon.

The Democrats, who were feeling pretty confident before, are now feeling scared of losing. This fear is spreading to the highest levels of the party. They even keep a list of reasons why Biden might lose, like problems with immigration, high prices worries about Biden’s age, and people not liking Vice President Kamala Harris.

Trump is making smart moves, like reaching out to Hispanic and Black voters even in places that usually vote for Democrats. He’s also raising more money than Biden, shown by a big event in Florida that brought in a record $50.5 million.

According to a Democrat who knows a lot about what’s going on, no one wants to be the person who says things are going badly for Biden. But with bad poll numbers and so much at stake in the election, people are starting to panic. The situation is not like when Mitt Romney was running; this time, it feels like democracy itself is in danger.

Trump raised a stunning $76 million in April 2024, while Biden only got $51 million. Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey has been telling Democrats that they need to step up and donate more money to fight against Trump, who is seen as a big challenger.

Democrats are struggling to figure out how to fight back against Trump. Even though Biden’s team talks about some good poll numbers and work they’re doing on the ground, many in the party have doubts about whether their plan is strong enough to win. In key states like Michigan, local Democrats are worried that Biden’s performance might hurt other Democrats running for office. They are also concerned that young voters, who have been important in past elections, might not be energized enough to support Biden this time.

As Trump continues to make bold moves and gain support in traditionally Democratic areas, top Democrats in places like New York and California are saying they need to rethink their approach and be ready to defend against Trump’s challenges.

Written by Staff Reports

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