Devon Archer’s Testimony Reveals Authentic Quid Pro Quo, Says Comer!

In a recent interview with Just the News, James Comer (R-KY), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, stated that he found Devon Archer's testimony regarding his interactions with Hunter Biden and Joe Biden to be compelling. Late in 2015, according to statements made by Archer during an Oversight Committee hearing, Hunter Biden was allegedly pressured to use his connections to benefit Burisma Holdings, the company at the centre of the controversy. Archer went so far as to assert that the company would not have survived without the Biden family's intervention. These revelations have prompted Representative Comer to exclaim, "It's beyond belief…Now we know, despite Joe Biden's claim that he was unaware of any of this, that he routinely spoke with the owners of these companies over the phone."

The chairman went on to ask, "When in American history has a vice president taken an active role and demanded the dismissal of a prosecutor in a foreign country for investigating a foreign-based business? Never.” Comer is convinced that the evidence against Joe Biden is accumulating, suggesting that he played a role in the dismissal of prosecutor Viktor Shokin due to ongoing investigations into Burisma. According to Comer, this demonstrates that Hunter Biden was under investigation and that Joe Biden acted to safeguard his son's interests. Comer insists that these revelations undermine the very foundation of Trump's first impeachment, which was primarily based on allegations of misconduct by the Biden family in Ukraine.

Comer also expressed concern regarding Hunter's phone calls with Joe Biden, deeming them evidence of "influence peddling." He argued that the Bidens were exploiting Joe's position of power and influence to purchase access to high-level government officials. Comer also noted that Joe Biden's meeting with a Russian oligarch was worrisome, particularly given that the oligarch was the only one Biden did not sanction. According to Comer, Joe Biden consistently places his family's interests above those of the American people, as evidenced by these actions.

Comer emphasised the significance of Archer's testimony on Twitter by stating, "Devon Archer verified that Joe Biden was 'the brand' that his son sold to enrich the Biden family. What product did the Bidens sell? Nothing but access to the highest levels of governance and influence." These developments add fuel to the fire, further undermining the Biden family's credibility and integrity.

Written by Staff Reports

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