Elderly Captive Spills Horror While CNN Praises Hamas Prison Hospitality!

An elderly Israeli woman, Yocheved Lifshitz, was released on Monday after being held hostage by Hamas for two weeks. Lifshitz, along with another elderly Israeli woman, was taken captive during Hamas’ surprise attack on October 7. Lifshitz described her harrowing experience of being ripped from her home and hidden in tunnels underneath the Gaza Strip.

During her captivity, Lifshitz endured physical abuse and brutal treatment from the terrorists. She recounted being beaten and forced to ride on a motorcycle through fields towards Gaza. Lifshitz also revealed that the terrorists didn’t discriminate between young and elderly hostages, causing her immense pain and distress.

Despite the clear evidence of the terrorists’ savagery, many mainstream media outlets attempted to paint Hamas in a sympathetic light, highlighting Lifshitz’s claim that she was treated humanely once in the tunnels. However, it is important to take this account with caution, as Lifshitz’s husband is still in captivity, which could influence what she says to protect him.

It is absurd for the media to overlook the horrific treatment endured by the hostages and focus on trivial details, such as the availability of shampoo and feminine hygiene products in the tunnels. While the media tries to humanize the terrorists, it is crucial to remember that these are individuals who beat elderly women and imprisoned them in tunnels. There should be no sympathy or mercy shown towards them.

The media’s attempt to downplay and distort the reality of the situation only serves to shame themselves further. It is essential to hold them accountable and continue to expose their biased reporting. Yocheved Lifshitz was fortunate to survive this ordeal, but many others were not as lucky.

Written by Staff Reports

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