Fed Gov & Big Tech Censor Patriots: Unholy Alliance Exposed!

The House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, led by the esteemed Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), held a truly groundbreaking congressional hearing today. And what were they discussing, you ask? None other than the federal government’s cozy partnership with Big Tech to censor the voices of patriotic American citizens! Talk about an assault on our freedom of speech!

One of the star witnesses at this hearing was none other than Emma-Jo Morris, the brilliant politics editor at Breitbart. Emma-Jo took the stand and bravely spoke about the censorship of the New York Post’s explosive reporting on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. You know, the “laptop from hell” that revealed some rather scandalous information about Joe Biden and his shady international business deals.

Emma-Jo did not hold back as she exposed the unholy alliance between the intelligence community, social media platforms, and legacy media outlets. She called out the fact that despite Joe Biden’s vehement denials, the laptop revealed his involvement in his family’s questionable business affairs. And let’s not forget, these were verified authentic emails, not some made-up conspiracy theory.

But here’s where it gets really juicy. As soon as the New York Post published this bombshell story, it was immediately censored by the major social media platforms. Twitter went as far as to ban the sharing of the link, even in private messages. Can you believe that? It’s like they were treating this story about potential corruption by a presidential candidate the same way they would handle cases of child pornography. It’s absolutely outrageous!

Emma-Jo went on to expose the shady coordination between the Biden campaign, Anthony Blinken, and former national security officials to label the laptop story as Russian disinformation. She revealed that federal agencies themselves were involved in priming social media companies to discredit the reporting. This is a clear abuse of power and an attack on our democracy!

What’s even more troubling is the number of former intelligence officials who have been hired by these social media giants. It’s like they’re building their own little army to suppress conservative voices and manipulate the information we see.

Emma-Jo Morris ended her powerful testimony by making it crystal clear that we are at a crossroads. This unholy alliance between the government and corporations is threatening our First Amendment rights. We must stand up for our right to think, write, read, and say whatever we want. The future of a free press and the soul of our nation are at stake. It’s up to us to decide if we want a truly inalienable freedom of speech or if we’re willing to let it slip away.

In conclusion, we must not let censorship and the suppression of inconvenient truths become the norm in our society. This hearing was a wake-up call, and we, as patriotic Americans, have a duty to protect our freedom of speech at all costs. Let’s stand together and fight against this dangerous collusion between Big Tech and the federal government. Our democracy depends on it.


Written by Staff Reports

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