FBI Knew About Hunter Biden’s Laptop? Emma-Jo Morris Spills the Beans!

Emma-Jo Morris, the political editor of the right-wing news site, told a congressional committee that the FBI was aware of the legitimacy of the Hunter Biden laptop before it was revealed in October 2020. She revealed that the agency confirmed it in November 2019, a month before the device was given to the owner of a Mac store.

During her segment, Morris noted the connection between Jim Baker, who used to be the deputy counsel for Twitter, and the FBI. She asked if Baker feigned ignorance of the subpoena, which was revealed in the New York Post. It’s hard to be skeptical about the connection between the FBI and the companies that use social media.

It is unbelievable that despite the FBI's insistence that the laptop was authentic, Facebook and Twitter censored the story and prevented American citizens from sharing it. The justification for this censorship was absurd, as the agency claimed that it could be Russia's disinformation campaign. In addition, the FBI warned tech companies about the dangers of misinformation before the 2020 presidential election.

This revelation highlights the government's encroachment on the freedom of speech in the US, as well as its cozy relationship with tech companies and the FBI. It is clear that the administration tried to suppress the truth regarding the activities of the Biden family. Americans deserve unbiased and transparent media coverage.


Written by Staff Reports

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