Federal Judge Blocks Biden Plan to Redefine Sex in Title IX

The Department of Education stirred up quite a storm this spring with its newfound fascination for redefining basic terms. Dubbing gender identity as sex under Title IX was the latest harebrained idea to come out of the Biden administration.

However, before schools across the nation could descend into chaos over sports competitions, bathroom debates, and pronoun dramas, a federal judge stepped in to halt this madness in its tracks.

The hero of the day is none other than Judge John Broomes, who saw through the smoke and mirrors concocted by the progressive left. He sided with the attorneys general from Kansas, Alaska, Utah, and Wyoming, who valiantly fought against this assault on common sense.

In his ruling, Judge Broomes made it clear that Title IX was never meant to be a playground for gender theorists. He astutely pointed out that the original intent of the law was to protect biological females from discrimination in education – a fact that seems to have eluded the current administration.

It’s refreshing to see someone in a position of power actually reading the fine print and understanding the history behind these laws. Judge Broomes highlighted how Congress crafted Title IX to address the disparities faced by women in education, particularly in areas like admissions, scholarships, and sports.

The Biden administration’s attempt to bulldoze over these foundational principles didn’t sit well with various groups, including Moms for Liberty, Young America’s Foundation, and Female Athletes United. Their pushback, alongside the attorneys general, played a pivotal role in ensuring that sanity prevailed in the courtroom.

Moms for Liberty founders, Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich, rightfully hailed Judge Broomes’ decision as a victory for parental rights and common decency. They made it abundantly clear that the toxic ideology of blurring the lines between biological realities and abstract theories has no place in our children’s classrooms.

In a resounding declaration of support for parental authority, Justice and Descovich emphasized the importance of safeguarding the rights of parents to oversee the upbringing of their own children. They warned against the intrusive overreach of the federal government and vowed to continue championing the cause of parental involvement in education.

It’s heartening to see defenders of traditional values and family rights standing up against the tidal wave of progressive dogma sweeping through our institutions. Judge Broomes’ ruling serves as a reminder that there are still voices of reason and responsibility in our legal system, pushing back against the relentless march of ideological extremism. Kudos to all those who refuse to back down in the face of such challenges.

Written by Staff Reports

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