Former GOP Rep Adam Kinzinger Endorses Biden for Re-election Raising Eyebrows

Adam Kinzinger, former GOP Rep. from Illinois, has pulled an unexpected stunt straight from the playbook of political theater, endorsing none other than President Joe Biden for re-election. Yes, the man who once wore the conservative badge now waves the flag for a president who’s been anything but a friend to the right. Kinzinger’s grandstanding, as seen in his video message on X, is all about placing democracy and the Constitution on a pedestal, but let’s not kid ourselves about who’s actually being elevated here—it’s the party with the donkey emblem.

Kinzinger claims his whole life has been anchored in the belief that America stands as a beacon of freedom, liberty, and democracy. He admits he doesn’t always see eye to eye with Biden and never imagined endorsing a Democrat. But apparently, he’s convinced that Biden will safeguard America’s democratic essence. This, from a man who served on the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riot—a committee that many conservatives view as a partisan witch hunt. 


In his diatribe against Donald Trump, Kinzinger argues that the former president poses a threat to American values and is more concerned with his own power than with the country or its citizens. That’s a rich accusation coming from someone eager to endorse a man presiding over skyrocketing inflation, rising crime rates, and a border crisis of epic proportions. But hey, Kinzinger apparently believes America’s democratic fabric is safer in the hands of a president whose policies have arguably frayed it.

On the other side, President Biden didn’t let the opportunity slip by. He graciously accepted the endorsement, claiming this is an example of putting country over party. One has to wonder how Biden defines putting the country first—by promoting energy dependency, stifling business with regulations, or perhaps by creating an economic environment where everyday Americans struggle to make ends meet.

Sen. Mike Lee from Utah, along with others, quickly jumped on Kinzinger’s bandwagon of contradiction. They pointed out the obvious: supporting Biden and calling oneself a conservative is as logical as a screen door on a submarine. Kinzinger’s leap across the aisle isn’t just a political misstep; it’s practically an Olympic event in cognitive dissonance.

Kinzinger’s endorsement may have caused a stir in some circles, but let’s be real—no self-respecting conservative buys the idea that a Biden presidency is somehow a win for conservative values. Whether it’s about constitutional fidelity, economic freedom, or national security, endorsing Biden is about as conservative as tofu at a Texas barbecue.

Written by Staff Reports

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