Harris’s Space Summit: Chasing Globalism Over US Dominance?

Buckle up for another cosmic escapade! Vice President Kamala Harris is orchestrating yet another chapter of the National Space Council in Washington, D.C., the third in line. This rendezvous zeroes in on the captivating realm of international collaborations. 

At 2 p.m. Eastern, Harris will take the stage alongside NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy and Jeremy Hansen, an intrepid astronaut from the Artemis 2 mission and the Canadian Space Agency. Sounds like an interstellar thrill, right? Yet, amidst these high-profile gatherings, one can't help but ponder the tangible strides versus the plethora of meetings crowding the space exploration agenda.

Hold onto your seat—yes, even the Canadian Space Agency is in the mix! Surprising, isn't it? They're part of the NASA-led Artemis Accords, a coalition of 33 nations aiming ambitiously to plant boots on the lunar surface within this decade.

Artemis 2, the forthcoming shuttle destined for the moon with a slated 2024 flight, embodies this global initiative. 

Written by Staff Reports

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