Holy War at the Border: Retired Agent Reveals Spiritual Showdown!

The southern border isn’t just a place for illegal immigrants and drug traffickers; it’s also become a battleground for a spiritual war between good and evil, according to retired Border Patrol agent Frank Lopez Jr.

Lopez, a devout Republican and candidate for Congress, has been on the frontlines of this holy war, combating the cartel’s worship of the “saint of death.” This sinister figure, known as “Santa Muerte,” symbolizes death and is worshipped by criminals who pray to her for protection and success in their illegal activities, including human trafficking and drug smuggling.

Ranchers along the border have discovered shrines to this dark deity on their land, while law enforcement has uncovered doll-sized skeletons representing the “Grim Reapress,” a figure cloaked in a hooded robe, carrying a scythe and a globe. This eerie icon is associated with violent cartels and gangs, who view it as their patron saint.

The FBI has warned about the rise of Santa Muerte’s ideology and its connection to narcotics trafficking, with millions of worshippers throughout the Americas turning to her for guidance and protection. This cult’s proliferation has even caught the attention of the Vatican, which has denounced Santa Muerte as a saint and disavowed her association with criminal activities.

Lopez, an ordained minister and former chaplain for the Border Patrol, sees the border crisis as a reflection of a larger spiritual battle. He firmly believes that securing the border is not just a matter of national security, but also a moral imperative.

Lopez argues that the unchecked flow of illegal immigrants and drugs threatens the very fabric of American society, bringing with it lawlessness and moral decay that spread from the borderlands to the heartland. He cites biblical scripture to support his views, emphasizing the divine mandate to protect national boundaries and uphold the rule of law.

Support for Lopez’s stance comes from Rev. Dave Welch, president of the Texas Pastor Council, who asserts that securing the border is a top priority in ensuring the safety and security of American citizens. He points to Romans 13 in the Bible, which underscores the government’s duty to uphold just laws and protect its people.

As the crisis at the border continues to escalate, with millions of illegal entries and unknown individuals evading capture, Lopez and other conservative leaders are sounding the alarm about the spread of darkness and lawlessness. They are calling on fellow Americans to stand firm against this encroaching evil and take a stand for truth and righteousness.

Written by Staff Reports

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