Home Depot Mogul Endorses Trump for 2024, Slams Biden’s Mess

The well-known co-founder of Home Depot and Republican big spender, Bernie Marcus, has publicly thrown his support behind none other than Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential election. In a fiery op-ed piece for Real Clear Politics, the 94-year-old titan of business made it crystal clear that the country’s current path has him more worried than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, and he ain’t gonna stand it no more.

“I am plum tuckered out by politics and downright disheartened by the mess I see this great nation in,” Marcus began. “I was fixin’ to take a backseat and let the young’uns carry on the good fight to safeguard the freedoms and values our forefathers put in place. But, like a possum in a hen house, I realized I can’t just up and leave; the stakes are just too dadgum high.”

Pointing fingers at the chaos in big cities, folks streaming across the southern border like ants at a picnic, schools turning out young’uns who can’t tell a noun from a hole in the ground, and regular folks scraping by just to make ends meet, Marcus lashed out, saying the current government gobbledygook is leading the nation astray.

“I get that some of my Republican pals ain’t too keen on Donald Trump’s rambunctious ways. Shoot, I’ve had my knickers in a twist, too, but we can’t let his ornery style be the reason we turn tail and run from the top-notch job he did leading this country during his first term in office. Now’s the time for us to band together and save The American Dream for the young’uns coming up.”

He went on, “That’s why I’m giving my stamp of approval to Donald J. Trump as the nominee of the Republican Party and as our next President. I’m backin’ him not just ’cause he’s got the best shot at wrangling up the votes in the general election, but ’cause he’s the right person to tackle and tear down the bureaucratic mess that’s snarling up America.”

With Marcus and other big-shot GOP moneybags like Robert Bigelow lockin’ arms in Trump’s corner, it’s clear as a bell that the former President is still a major player in the grand ole party. Not too long back, Marcus called on the Republican National Committee to put the kibosh on the Republican presidential debates, griping that they’re “about as useful as a screen door on a submarine,” and he’s been hollerin’ for all-out support of Trump as the party’s top dog.

Back in March, when all the fuss was going down with the banking hullabaloo, Marcus lit into Biden and his liberal shenanigans. In an interview with Fox News, Marcus said, “I can’t hardly wait for Biden to start yappin’ again about how rosy the economy is and how it’s getting bigger and stronger by the day.”

“And this just goes to show that whatever he’s saying is pure hogwash. Maybe folks will finally wake up and figure out we’re in a real pickle, that maybe, just maybe, we’re heading into a rough patch. Who knows? But it’s lookin’ mighty bleak.”

“I feel mighty sorry for all them folks who lost their nest eggs in that woke bank. It plumb makes me sick to my stomach to hear that them bank honchos cashed out before the bottom fell out. It’s a crying shame. Don’t reckon the Justice Department will do diddly-squat against them, though. They’re a bunch of woke do-gooders, so I reckon they’ll walk away scot-free. It’s a downright disgrace.”

Written by Staff Reports

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