House Judiciary Committee Pushes to Hold AG Garland in Contempt Over Biden Audio

The House Judiciary Committee is putting on their best stern faces as they pass a resolution to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland accountable for keeping President Joe Biden’s chitchat with special counsel Robert Hur under wraps. Oh boy, drama in the capital!

Now, the full House has to give a thumbs up to this resolution, but really, it’s just a symbolic way to show they mean business. The Republicans are flexing their muscle to make sure this resolution gets the green light – after all, they do hold a tight grip on the House.

Garland might find himself in the same hot seat as Eric Holder and Bill Barr if this resolution gets the nod. Ah, the illustrious club of attorney generals facing contempt charges. What a badge of honor!

Despite numerous nudges and pleas, Garland stood his ground in April, refusing to hand over the recording of Biden’s chat with Hur. The GOP is eager to get their hands on that audio as they continue their snooping around in Biden’s business – talk about a never-ending investigation.

Hur’s report on Biden, done and dusted in February, highlighted that Biden was a bit forgetful when it came to classified documents. Apparently, Hur described Biden as “an elderly man with a poor memory.” Ouch, that’s gotta sting!

Biden decided to sprinkle some executive privilege before the committee could dive into the contempt resolution. The Justice Department chimed in, saying Biden’s got the golden ticket with executive privilege, and that’s that!

But hold your horses, Republicans ain’t backing down. House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer is on a mission, vowing to slap Garland with contempt for not playing ball. The back-and-forth continues, like a game of political ping pong.

Meanwhile, the White House previously paraded around for not playing the executive privilege card during Hur’s investigation. The House Republicans are quick to point this out, wondering why the sudden change of heart now. Maybe a case of selective memory?

In the midst of all this, Trump’s camp is throwing shade, accusing Biden of playing favorites with executive privilege. It’s a political mudfest out there, folks!

Wendell Husebo, our political wizard and former GOP War Room Analyst, is keeping tabs on the whole shebang. His insight and spicy commentary are just what the doc ordered for this political soap opera. Stay tuned for the next episode of “As the Capitol Turns!”

Written by Staff Reports

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