Hunter Biden Slapped Down by Judge: No VIP Video Arraignment for Gun Charges!

In a classic move straight out of the “how to avoid consequences 101” playbook, Hunter Biden has tried to wiggle his way out of appearing in person for his arraignment on gun charges. But it looks like he won’t be able to avoid facing the music after all.

Judge Christopher J. Burke, who is handling the arraignment, has demanded that Biden’s attorneys explain in writing why they want the arraignment to be conducted via video conference. The prosecution, unsurprisingly, opposes this idea and will submit their own response. The judge is expected to make a decision on the matter this week.

Now, let’s get real for a moment. Biden is facing serious felony gun charges here. This isn’t a game of peek-a-boo where you can just hide behind a screen and hope it all goes away. The judge understands the importance of having the defendant physically appear in court, “in a setting that helps to emphasize the ‘integrity and solemnity of a federal criminal proceeding.'” Amen to that.

It’s worth noting that the judge also emphasized that Biden should be treated like any other defendant in a federal criminal proceeding. No special treatment here, folks. If any other defendant had these charges against them, they would be required to show up in person for their initial appearance. So why should Biden get preferential treatment?

I have to agree with the judge here. Biden needs to face the consequences of his actions just like anyone else would. We’re all watching to see if he’ll man up and show up on September 26 at 10:00 a.m. Let’s hope he doesn’t hit the snooze button on that one.

Written by Staff Reports

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