Hunter Biden Strikes: Rudy Sued for Laptop Leaks!

Hunter Biden has filed a civil lawsuit against Rudolph W. Giuliani and attorney Bob Costello, in a dramatic turn of events reminiscent of a soap opera plot. The lawsuit claims that Giuliani and Costello committed computer fraud and violated Biden's right to privacy by disseminating information retrieved from a laptop left at a Delaware repair shop by the President's son.

Giuliani and Costello are accused of hacking, tampering, manipulation, copying, dissemination, and an overall intrusive fixation with data obtained from Hunter Biden's electronic devices, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit portrays the defendants as the primary culprits for the complete invasion of Biden's digital privacy and data. It suggests that they did not merely pry into Biden's private life, but actively manipulated and corrupted the information they obtained.

The alleged actions of Giuliani and Costello began in 2020, when Giuliani, then serving as former President Trump's personal attorney, shared the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop with the New York Post just prior to the presidential election. The Post quickly published articles based on this information, linking Hunter Biden to dubious business dealings and raising concerns about possible influence peddling.

While Hunter Biden does not explicitly confirm in the lawsuit that the laptop was his, he does acknowledge that some of the data "obtained, copied, and hacked into" was his. This admission makes the legal proceedings more complicated. In addition, the lawsuit asserts that the data were manipulated, altered, and corrupted prior to falling into the possession of Giuliani and Costello.

Biden's lawsuit ultimately accuses Giuliani and Costello of violating California's privacy laws and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. It is clear that he takes this matter seriously and is determined to protect his digital privacy while pursuing legal action against those responsible. Uncertain as to whether this legal dispute will provide a resolution to the ongoing controversy surrounding Hunter Biden's laptop, it is unquestionably a legal dispute worth closely monitoring.

Written by Staff Reports

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