Biden’s ‘Don’t-Trip’ Tactic: Laughable Ineptitude or Saddest Strategy Yet?

According to reports, Joe Biden’s latest attempt to save face after his embarrassing falls is nothing short of hilarious, yet equally pathetic. It seems that his team is going the extra mile to keep him from stumbling, including resorting to wearing special shoes and undergoing physical therapy. It’s all part of an expanded strategy to prevent further falls like the one he had at the U.S. Air Force Academy. It’s truly laughable.

But let’s not forget the real reason behind articles like these. Liberals are panicking because Biden’s popularity is plummeting. It’s no secret that many Democrats are quietly hoping to replace him with someone else, but they don’t have the guts to say it outright. So instead, we get these subtle insinuations about his age and fitness for office.

And let’s face it, they have a point. When the president is wearing tennis shoes during formal events, something is obviously not right. It’s not normal, and it’s definitely not reassuring. Sure, some Democrats are blaming Biden’s advance team for his many blunders, but let’s be honest, he’s the one who consistently looks confused and disoriented. It’s on him, not his handlers.

We’re still over a year away from the next presidential election, and Democrats have a daunting task ahead of them. They need to keep Biden coherent and injury-free until then, which is no small feat. But it’s clear that Biden will never willingly step aside, so they’re stuck with him. It’s a sorry state of affairs for the country, but it’s what we’re dealing with.

Written by Staff Reports

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