Jan 6 Bombs: Hollywood Script or Left-Wing Cover-Up? Find Out Here!

The latest bombshell report on the Jan. 6 incident is raising eyebrows among security experts and conservative thinkers alike. What’s the deal with these bombs, and why are there more questions than answers? Let’s dive in and uncover the truth that the left-wing media won’t tell you!

First off, imagine a bomb set with a one-hour kitchen timer – like something out of a bad action movie! What’s more, new surveillance footage shows a handler and a dog sweeping the DNC premises just hours before the bomb was discovered. How convenient, right? You’d think with all that security, they could sniff out trouble before it blows up. But no, the plot thickens!

And don’t get us started on the RNC bomb confusion. Was it really aimed at the RNC, or was it all a clever ruse? A security expert is casting doubt on the FBI’s map, claiming the bomb was closer to the Capitol Hill Club. Sloppiness or intentional misdirection? You be the judge, but it smells fishy to this conservative writer!

But wait, it gets juicier – the Secret Service conveniently deleted all text messages from January 6. Now, why would they do that? It’s like a bad cover-up in a cheesy detective novel! And where’s the video of the bombs being planted? Oh, that’s right – conveniently missing in action. Nothing to see here, folks, move along!

And let’s not forget the calm demeanor of Karlin Younger, the FBI contractor who found the RNC bomb. A six-inch pipe, a ticking timer – sounds like a Hollywood script, right? But wait, Younger isn’t fazed at all; in fact, she leans in closer to read the timer! What gives? The security expert rightly questions her behavior – wouldn’t common sense dictate caution with a potential bomb? But hey, who needs logic when you’re in a political thriller!

So many unanswered questions, so much intrigue – it’s like a political soap opera unfolding before our eyes. But remember, folks, don’t believe everything the mainstream media feeds you. Stay skeptical, stay informed, and keep questioning the narrative – that’s the conservative way!

Written by Staff Reports

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