John Kirby Schools Reporter on Hamas and Gaza Realities!

In a recent interview, John Kirby, the spokesperson for the US State Department, shut down a reporter from GloboNews who questioned President Biden’s comments about the Israel-Hamas conflict. The reporter asked if Biden would apologize for his insensitivity regarding the civilian casualties that would result from the IDF’s invasion of Gaza. Kirby firmly responded that no apology was necessary. He then proceeded to school the reporter on the truly harsh aspects of the conflict – Hamas using people as human shields, taking hostages, and targeting innocent civilians at music festivals. Kirby emphasized that war is brutal and ugly, and while no one likes civilian casualties, it is a sad reality of warfare.

It is clear that some people, particularly those on the Left, choose to turn a blind eye to the evil actions committed by Hamas. The conservatives condemns Hamas for their heinous acts of violence, including tying up families, mutilating bodies, and committing rape. These actions cannot be justified as acts of resistance. Those who fail to condemn or support Hamas’s actions are complicit in their evil deeds. 

Written by Staff Reports

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