Judge Forces Women’s Spa to Accept Biological Men: A Blow to Safety and Beliefs

A judge in Seattle ruled that a women’s-only spa should allow biological men who identify as transgender to enter. The New York Post reported that the court made the decision after Haven Wilvich, a local trans activist, was denied entry to the Olympus Spa.

According to court documents, Wilvich, who identifies as a woman, has not had sex reassignment surgery. In the past, the spa at which he worked had accepted trans women who underwent sex reassignment procedures.

Myoon Woon Lee, the owner of the Olympus Spa, sued to reverse his decision to close the facility. He cited his Christian beliefs as the reason for his decision. He said that it could result in the prosecution of the company for exposing minors to male genitalia. Some of the female customers who visited the spa demanded refunds.

Despite his concerns, Rothstein still upheld the decision of the Human Rights Commission of Washington to allow men to enter the spa. Lee's concerns about the privacy and safety of his customers should not be overlooked. It is shameful that a judge would let biological men into women's establishments, which could expose them to sex offenders and other predators.

This incident is not isolated. In California, a Korean spa attracted headlines earlier this year after a sex offender who identified himself as transgender was allowed to enter the women's-only facility. Darren Merager, who was charged with five counts of indecent exposure, had been given access to the women's facility. It is clear that permitting biological men into such spaces puts the safety of women at risk.

It is also important to note that the ruling is an infringement on the religious freedom of Lee, as his religious beliefs do not align with the modern cultural norms. However, they should not be disregarded. The state's Human Rights Commission should not be able to force private businesses to follow a practice that violates their religious beliefs.

Rothstein's ruling, which forced a women's- only spa to allow a biological man who identifies as a transgender individual to enter, is a dangerous precedent that should not be ignored. It is time that our courts and government take the necessary steps to protect the privacy and safety interests of women.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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