Kinzinger Cries Over Trump Comeback, Targets GOP Senator’s Soul

In a recent appearance on CNN, former Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger once again showed us that he just can’t get former President Donald Trump out of his head. It’s like Trump is living rent-free inside Kinzinger’s TDS-riddled brain! With Trump’s campaign gaining momentum and his rivals reduced to mere also-rans, Kinzinger found the whole thing “pretty disheartening,” but let’s be honest, nobody really cares about his feelings.

During his appearance on “Anderson Cooper 360º,” Kinzinger decided to question South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott’s soul because he had the audacity to endorse Trump. Kinzinger’s melodramatic rant went something like this: “What is to gain the whole world but lose your soul?” Seriously, Adam? Get a grip.


But wait, there’s more! Kinzinger couldn’t resist taking a few more jabs at Trump, because, you know, he’s just so obsessed. According to Kinzinger, Trump is a “masterful victim” who’s “scared of his own shadow” and “scared of everybody.” Give me a break! If there’s one thing Trump isn’t, it’s scared. The man stood up to the entire establishment and won. Kinzinger’s just bitter that he’s been left in the dust.

It’s clear that Kinzinger is upset about Trump’s momentum. He begrudgingly admitted that Trump has done a good job of showing momentum, but it’s “pretty disheartening” to him. Poor guy, can’t handle a little competition? Maybe he should focus on his own lackluster political career instead of whining about the success of others.

The reality is, Trump is likely to secure the GOP nomination in 2024, and it’s time for Republicans to unite behind him. After witnessing the disaster that is the Biden administration and the far-left drift of the Democratic Party, why wouldn’t conservatives rally behind Trump? And let’s not forget, if Biden gets pushed aside and someone like Gavin Newsom or Michelle Obama becomes the Democratic nominee, the choice is even clearer. Trump may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but compared to the alternative, he’s the obvious choice.

So, Adam Kinzinger, instead of throwing a pity party on CNN, maybe it’s time for you to step back, take a deep breath, and accept the reality that Trump isn’t going anywhere. The Republican Party needs to move forward, and if you can’t handle that, maybe it’s time for you to find a new career path. Just a thought.

Written by Staff Reports

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