Lady Gaga’s Dad Leads Charge Against NYC Illegal Immigration Invasion

The father of pop singer Lady Gaga, Joe Germanotta, has taken the initiative to combat the illegal immigration crisis in New York. He has joined forces with fellow Upper West Side residents to address their concerns to Mayor Eric Adams. Germanotta, a long-time resident of 70th Street and the owner of a local restaurant, has expressed his discontent with the surge in illegal immigrants that has transformed his beloved neighborhood.

According to the New York Post, city officials converted a music and dance academy near Germanotta’s home into a migrant shelter, resulting in a flood of illegal immigrants in the area and causing “mayhem.” Germanotta describes the operation as a “stealth” one, with migrants being secretly bused in the middle of the night. He laments that his once quiet neighborhood has now become a hub for loud block parties, risqué behavior, and the presence of prostitutes.

Germanotta emphasizes the negative impact on residents and property values and calls for a tax rebate to compensate for the consequences of this situation. Along with other concerned residents, Germanotta has formed the West 70th Street Association to tackle the crisis head-on. They have already met with city officials and are scheduled to meet with Mayor Adams’ chief advisor, Ingrid Lewis-Martin, in hopes of finding solutions.

Mayor Adams himself has recently sounded the alarm, urging President Joe Biden to declare a national emergency at the border. During a briefing on the city’s finances, Adams expressed concern that the influx of migrants could cost the city a staggering $12 billion. He highlights the substantial numbers, with an estimated 57,300 migrants already in the city and an anticipated 100,000 needing services by June 2025.

This news story sheds light on the real-life impact of illegal immigration on local communities. Joe Germanotta’s efforts to address this issue are commendable, as he stands up for the well-being and interests of his neighborhood. It is crucial for city officials to take proactive steps, such as ensuring proper security and a code of conduct, to manage the presence of migrants and to protect the quality of life for all residents. The financial burden placed on New York City due to this crisis is another reminder of the urgent need for comprehensive immigration reform.

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