Leftist PA Candidate EXPOSED As Pro-Crime Radical

According to a video that was exclusively provided to Breitbart News, the Democratic candidate for the Senate seat in Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, was debunked on Tuesday by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) for claiming that his lenient stances on crime are a political asset. The video was shown.

According to the recording in the video, Fetterman made the following statement on October 9 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania: I'm actually a Democrat, and I'm running on my record on crime.

In another segment of the video, Fetterman can be heard saying, We could take one third of our inmate population out of prison and not make someone less safe.  In the third sentence, he says, and I don't know why any of us wouldn't desire it.

Fetterman has advocated for heroin to be made legal and the establishment of drug dens in which users can do so without fear of legal repercussions. He has been an advocate for abolishing monetary bail. In 2018, Fetterman pushed for giving criminals who run away from police another chance to be arrested on another day.

In the video, Fetterman argues in favor of doing away with the practice of life sentences without the possibility of release. On the episode of Righteous Convictions that aired in 2021, Jason Flom questioned Fetterman about what he would do if he had a magic wand. Fetterman stated that he would abolish the practice of sentencing inmates to life without parole.

According to Jonathan Turcotte, who serves as the director of the NRSC's rapid response, Fetterman isn't campaigning on his record on crime — he's fleeing from it, as stated by Breitbart News.

He's lying to Pennsylvanians about his backing for radical ideas, Turcotte said. He's lying about his support for freeing a third of the state's prisoners, decriminalizing narcotics 'across the board,' and removing cash bail.  Fetterman has a terrible record on crime, which includes voting to free violent offenders, the truth is, the record speaks for itself.

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