Liberal Bias in Jury Selection Mars Trump Trial Process

The latest development in the criminal prosecution of former President Donald Trump involves the sworn in of a panel of seven jurors by New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan. This continues the liberal insanity. Four males and three women with a variety of professional backgrounds comprised the panel. However, everyone, hang on, the drama does not end there. Eleven additional jurors (five regulars and six substitutes) must be sworn in by the judge before this wild voyage to its conclusion.

Jury selection commenced for the trial that commenced on Monday. While this process may conclude on Monday, it is prudent not to get our hopes up just yet; it could conceivably drag on until June. In addition, our esteemed Justice Merchan has kindly consented to be absent from the proceedings on Wednesdays in order to attend to supplementary cases. How considerate of him!

An unexpected development occurred when a prospective juror who took to social media to express his delight over Trump's defeat in 2020 was permitted to remain in the jury pool. Conversely, an additional prospective juror was dismissed subsequent to the discovery of rather damning "lock him up" postings on social media by Trump's legal team. Once more, social media is at its worst!

Let us now examine the selected jurors, shall we? A native of Ireland who is a salesperson in Harlem, a New Yorker by birth who is an oncology nurse, an Oregon-based corporate lawyer, a Lower East Side IT consultant who is self-employed but originally from Puerto Rico, a lifelong New Yorker who is a teacher (and apparently living under a rock, because how does one remain unaware of Trump's other cases? ), an Upper East Side attorney, and a software engineer from Disney. It certainly is a diverse group, wouldn't you say?

In regard to the remaining prospective jurors, they shall be required to complete a survey that inquires about their political engagements, place of domicile, and media consumption. Following that, it will be showtime. Both legal teams will comb through the social media profiles of these prospective candidates and interrogate them on personal matters in an effort to identify any biases. People, be prepared for some good old-fashioned legal scrutiny.

Thus concludes yet another chapter in the protracted narrative referred to as Trump's trial. Expect further developments regarding this captivating courtroom drama.

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