Liberal Media Hires Hamas Terrorist: Trustworthy News or Israel Haters?

Well, well, well, folks, it looks like our trusted liberal news outlets have done it again. In a shocking turn of events, CNN, the New York Times, and Reuters have been caught red-handed hiring a photo “journalist” who turns out to be a member of Hamas. That’s right, you heard it here first! These news giants thought it would be a good idea to employ someone with terrorist ties. Unbelievable!

Let’s dive into the juicy details, shall we? This “journalist,” Hassan Eslaiah, not only colluded with Hamas but also actively participated in the gruesome slaughter of thousands of innocent Israelis on October 7th. I kid you not, folks! Footage from his own Facebook page shows him brandishing a grenade while riding on the back of a motorcycle. Talk about an “objective” journalist!

But here’s where the plot thickens. The New York Times had the audacity to issue a statement claiming they had no idea about Eslaiah’s involvement in the attacks or his ties to Hamas. Seriously? Are we supposed to believe that? It’s either pure incompetence or a deliberate attempt to hide the truth. Take your pick, folks.

Now, let’s talk about the Times’ supposed defense of freelance photojournalists working in conflict areas, like Eslaiah. They want to paint these individuals as fearless heroes, risking their lives to bring us the “truth.” Spare me the sob story, New York Times! These so-called journalists knew exactly what they were doing when they hired Eslaiah. Their negligence has put lives at risk and compromised the integrity of journalism.

It’s clear that the New York Times, CNN, and Reuters have once again shown their true colors. Their anti-Israel bias shines through in their coverage, and now they’ve stooped even lower by hiring a terrorist sympathizer. This scandal raises serious questions about their credibility and journalistic standards. How can anyone trust their reporting when they’re willing to align themselves with terrorists?

Thankfully, Israeli authorities have remained vigilant in exposing the truth. While the liberal media downplays the severity of this scandal, the Israeli authorities have provided a much-needed perspective. It’s time for these news outlets to be held accountable for their biased reporting and reckless hiring practices. The American people deserve better. It’s time to demand transparency, accountability, and a true commitment to journalistic integrity.

Written by Staff Reports

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