Liberal Media Startup Crumbles: Americans Reject Biased Reporting!

The Messenger, a liberal media start-up, has officially crashed and burned less than a year after its launch. This is what happens when you try to peddle biased and inaccurate journalism as “balanced and accurate.” Apparently, Americans are smarter than the liberals at The Messenger give them credit for and can see through their dishonesty.

Founder and CEO Jimmy Finkelstein admitted that he couldn’t secure the funding needed to keep the sinking ship afloat. It’s no surprise that investors didn’t want to pour money into a sinking ship that was already drowning in its own liberal bias. Maybe if The Messenger had focused on reporting the truth instead of pushing their left-wing agenda, they wouldn’t be facing bankruptcy now.

Finkelstein tried to blame the failure on the challenges faced by the overall media industry, conveniently ignoring the fact that conservative media outlets like RedState are thriving. The truth is, Americans are craving honest and balanced reporting, not the kind of one-sided propaganda that The Messenger was peddling. It’s a good reminder that the American people have rejected the liberal media’s lies and are hungry for real news that aligns with their conservative values.

The Messenger boasted about its impressive lineup of experienced journalists, but it seems like all they managed to hire were a bunch of biased liberal hacks. No wonder they couldn’t generate revenue or build a profitable audience. Americans are tired of being force-fed lies by biased reporters. We want real news, not the liberal agenda that The Messenger was trying to force down our throats.

It’s also worth noting Finkelstein’s previous success with The Hill, a political news outlet that he sold for a whopping $130 million. It just goes to show that when you try to shove liberal propaganda down people’s throats, you’re bound to fail. The American people are smarter than the liberal elites give them credit for, and we’re not buying into their lies anymore.

This failure is just another example of the dire state of the media industry. Companies like the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post are also struggling, losing millions of dollars and laying off employees left and right. It’s clear that the American people are tired of the liberal bias that permeates these media outlets, and they’re voting with their wallets by supporting conservative news sources like RedState instead.

So, farewell to The Messenger. Your demise is a clear sign that the American people are rejecting the liberal agenda and demanding real, unbiased news. It’s a victory for truth and a step towards restoring integrity in the media industry. Hopefully, other failing outlets will take note and learn from The Messenger’s mistakes. The American people deserve honest reporting, not liberal propaganda disguised as news.

Written by Staff Reports

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