Mainstream Media Loses It Over Trump’s Classic Joke on Hannity!

The biased and left-leaning corporate media continue to demonstrate their contempt for former President Donald Trump with their unfair coverage. Meanwhile, they show an extreme amount of restraint and even ignore President Joe Biden’s numerous blunders. Once again, the legacy media has breached their journalistic responsibility by accusing Trump of wanting to be a dictator if he were to be reelected.

During a recent town hall in Davenport, Iowa, Fox News host Sean Hannity asked Trump if he would abuse his power as retribution against anyone. Trump jokingly replied, “Except for Day One. I want to close the border and I want to drill, drill, drill.” Hannity quickly pointed out that these actions are not dictatorial or retaliatory, but rather part of Trump’s “America First” agenda.

In their usual fashion, the establishment media twisted Trump’s joke to make it seem like he was openly threatening to be a dictator. CNN somberly proclaimed that he sidestepped the question, while CNBC suggested that he plans to be a dictator on Day One. The Associated Press warned that Trump might abuse his power for retribution if he returns to the White House.

It is clear that Trump was joking, especially since the actions he mentioned on Day One would enhance national security and do not qualify as dictatorial or vengeful. However, the legacy media always takes the most negative interpretation of anything Trump says, while giving Biden a pass on his numerous gaffes.

As we approach the start of the New Year and the beginning of the 2024 election cycle, it is crucial to remember what is at stake. The United States is in a battle to retain its status as the world’s leading superpower. Biden’s destructive presidency has brought about inflation, crime waves, border invasions, and geopolitical conflicts. He has done very little to improve the lives of struggling Americans and does not deserve to lead the nation.

In conclusion, the biased media’s coverage of Trump continues to be shameful and contemptuous. The American public should not trust the mainstream media, but instead, look for alternative sources that provide a more objective view of the news.

Written by Staff Reports

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