Marjorie Taylor Greene Lights Libs Hair On Fire Latest J6 Comments

In response to allegations that she and Steve Bannon planned the 2021 Capitol riot, Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said that she would have won if they organized it. She made the comments during a speech at the New York Young Republican Club's annual dinner.

Upon entering Washington, she was accused of organizing an insurrection tour, which she claimed was a comedy since she couldn't find the bathroom in the Capitol. On January 6, she claimed that she and Steve were organizing the event, and she stated that if they had organized it, they would have won.

According to her, conservatives would not have participated in the riot if they did not have guns.

When talking about the incident, she stated that the notion that the plan was to organize the riot was a joke. She also said that the conservative supporters who went to the Capitol without weapons were not the ones who organized the event.

She has also stated that she was not a part of the riot, but rather a victim. She was at the Capitol that day as a member of Congress. She believes that the individuals who carried out the riot were antifa.

Due to her comments, some liberal activists and commentators called for the arrest of Greene. They noted that she was "threatening" the country's government and that she was a "national security threat."

During her speech, Greene stated that she was fired up by the new Republican majority in Congress after suffering under the Democrats for the last two years. She is expected to be given committee assignments again following the Democrats' removal of her from committee assignments in February 2021.

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