Meta Revoked Job Offers to International Engineers With Only Weeks to Go Before They Were to Relocate to London

A tech worker from North Africa was planning on moving to London to take advantage of a new opportunity at Meta. However, after receiving a call, his plans were suddenly abandoned.

He was informed by a Meta recruiter that his job offer was no longer available. He was supposed to start working in three weeks.

He said that he was surprised by the call, as there was no indication that the company was considering changing its decision.

He said that he was one of the engineers who was accepted into Meta's Discover program, which is a 12-month training program that focuses on software engineering and systems design.

Two of the employees who were accepted into the program said that the company canceled their offers before they moved to London. They requested anonymity due to the restrictions they had signed.

Meta confirmed that the job offers had been canceled, as the company is implementing a hiring freeze and scaling back its budgets due to its revenue and advertising slowdown.

The North African tech worker said that working at Meta was a dream come true, as he was not able to find a job that suited his skills. He was confident that the company's program would allow him to secure a more prominent role in the future.

He was also excited about moving to London. Getting a British visa can be difficult for people from North Africa, especially since they have to travel to Tunisia to apply.

Since he still has his job and home, he won't need to find new housing or employment.

Another Italian engineer who was living in Europe said that everything in his life was planned, and he was suddenly displaced.

He said that he had rejected job offers from various companies, such as Amazon and Skyscanner, in order to join Meta's Discover program.

The company's decision to rescind the job offers was attributed to economic conditions, the engineer said.

He said that he would not consider working for Meta in the future due to how the company handled his situation.

The engineer said that he was attracted to Meta due to its prestige and the company's unique engineering challenges. However, after seeing how the company's leadership was not focused on its employees, he decided not to work for the company in the future.

An employee from North Africa who was accepted into Meta's Discover program said that he would still be interested in working for the company once its hiring freeze is lifted.

Despite the situation, the engineer said that he had no ill feelings toward the company. Until the phone call, his experience with Meta was positive.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Daily Cable.

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