Methane-Cutting Cows Mock Libs’ Obsession with Trifles, Claims Analyst

Kaylee McGhee White from The Washington Examiner recently went on Sean Hannity's show and criticised the left for focusing on small climate problems. White says that liberals say climate change is an instant existential threat, but they seem more worried about things on the surface. She pointed out that these were the same people who destroy ancient art, cause traffic jams for hours, and fly around the world in private jets, all of which put far more carbon dioxide into the air than any dairy farm. White said that the way liberals pick and choose which problems to focus on shows that they don't really think climate change is a big deal.

Reports about Canadian dairy farmer Ben Loewith and his plans to breed cows that burp less methane started the conversation. Loewith thinks this is a good thing with no big downsides, but White said in a funny way that she won't question it as long as her steak comes out medium rare.

Will Cain, a host on Fox News, also joined the talk and asked if the left's concerns about climate change would stop with farming. He said that calling climate change an existential threat gives them a way to excuse making any kind of policy or controlling people. Cain even laughed about the idea of changing people's genes to make them better for the environment. He said that this kind of thinking could eventually lead to attempts to change how people's bodies work. Even though Cain's comments were funny, they showed how extreme climate alarmism could be dangerous.

Overall, what White and Cain said showed how inconsistent the left's talk about climate change is and how important it is to take a balanced view of environmental problems.

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