Michelle Obama’s $750K Fee: Queen of Inclusivity Cashes In!

The former First Lady, Michelle Obama, has once again demonstrated her knack for cashing in on her fame, charging a staggering $750,000 to grace an event in Germany with her presence. It seems that self-absorption is a talent that runs in the family, as Michelle shared her wisdom about “diversity and inclusion” at the Bits and Pretzels forum during the famous Oktoberfest in Munich.

According to sources, the event’s organizers were willing to spare no expense to secure Michelle Obama as their speaker. And boy, did they pull out all the stops! It’s reported that this was one of the highest fees they have ever paid to a speaker. But hey, when you’re dealing with the self-proclaimed queen of inclusivity, you gotta fork over the big bucks.

The audience at the event had the pleasure of hearing Obama discuss how to push past self-doubt and the importance of inclusivity and diversity. No surprises there, as these seem to be her favorite go-to topics. It’s almost as if she can’t talk about anything without bringing up herself and her alleged experience of racism. I mean, come on Michelle, we get it. You want to play the victim card while raking in the dough.

Speaking of making money, it has become a tradition for former presidents to cash in on speaking engagements. However, there’s one notable exception: Donald Trump. Unlike the Obamas, who have turned their post-White House life into a money-making machine, Trump has actually seen his fortune decline since entering politics. But of course, the ruling class despises him for it.

Since leaving the White House, the Obamas have amassed millions of dollars through book sales, podcasts, and movies. Michelle herself is the author of the best-selling memoir, Becoming, and the self-help book, The Light We Carry. It’s clear that the Obama brand is highly marketable, with Michelle channeling her inner Oprah Winfrey in terms of popularity and financial success.

Despite claiming to have no interest in politics, there is ongoing speculation about Michelle Obama potentially replacing Joe Biden in 2024. But who can blame her for not wanting to give up the lavish lifestyle of being paid outrageously large sums of money to share her vapid insights? After all, the “diversity and inclusion” racket has proven to be quite lucrative, and few have capitalized on it more than Obama herself.

One can’t help but recall Obama’s comments from last year when she claimed that Americans weren’t “ready” for her African features when her husband won the White House. It seems she enjoys stoking racial grievances, all while basking in her own fabulous success. The Obamas may share a primary residence in Washington D.C., but with their luxurious mansion in Martha’s Vineyard, one can’t help but wonder about Barack’s continued role in the shadows of government.

In the end, it’s clear that Michelle Obama knows how to play the game and milk the system for all it’s worth. While some may see her as a champion of inclusivity, conservatives can’t help but see through her self-centered facade and recognize the true motive behind her actions – cold, hard cash.

Written by Staff Reports

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