Gaetz Hesitates to Name McCarthy’s Successor: Find Out Who

In a recent interview, Representative Matt Gaetz declined to disclose his preferred candidate for the role of House Speaker in the event that he successfully removes Kevin McCarthy from the position. When asked about his alternative plan, Gaetz simply stated that he was currently preoccupied with the pressing task of advancing spending bills and therefore couldn't discuss his "Plan B" for the crucial leadership role.

During a speech on the House floor, Gaetz amplified his efforts to oust McCarthy, critiquing McCarthy's leadership over the past eight months. He stressed the necessity of taking action, asserting, "We have to do something about it," and implied that his Democratic colleagues also had an opportunity to act.

Gaetz elaborated on his stance to reporters by accusing McCarthy of failing to deliver on promises made to staunch conservatives in exchange for their support during his election as Speaker. Gaetz argued that merely advancing some single-subject spending bills did not suffice and demanded complete compliance with those promises.

Notably, Gaetz has consistently opposed stopgap spending bills intended to avert a government shutdown and has criticized McCarthy for relying on Democratic votes to extend spending policies. He has been a persistent critic of McCarthy's leadership since his bid to prevent McCarthy from becoming Speaker in January.

While McCarthy downplayed Gaetz's threats, asserting that Gaetz had never voted for him, and that he did not foresee a change in Gaetz's position, the pressure remains on McCarthy to navigate the passage of the 12 annual spending bills as the government shutdown deadline draws near.




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