Trump Backs Gaetz: Gov Hopeful Tougher Than a Florida Gator!

Rumors are swirling like a hurricane in Florida as Representative Matt Gaetz’s potential run for governor takes center stage. And who better to weigh in on the matter than the one and only former President Donald Trump?

In a recent interview with The National Pulse, Trump couldn’t help but offer a glowing endorsement of Gaetz. “Well, he’s a great guy. I mean, he’s great. He’s a wonderful person. He’s strong,” Trump commented. And let me tell you, folks, when Trump says someone is great, you better believe it!

Gaetz, a fierce ally of the former President, has faced his fair share of scrutiny in the past, something Trump was quick to acknowledge. “He went through hell for two years over something that I never believed for a second. And he held up very strong,” Trump added. “A lot of guys can’t hold up to that.” I mean, who knew Gaetz was tougher than a Florida alligator?

The comparisons between Trump and Gaetz didn’t stop there. Trump pointed out their shared experiences in the political limelight and the criticisms they’ve both faced. “Now what he goes through I go through times ten,” said Trump. I have to say, folks, it’s incredible to see Trump’s resilience. He’s like a superhero, but instead of fighting crime, he’s fighting the liberal deep state!

But the support doesn’t end with Trump’s endorsement. He emphasized the love and support he feels from the American people. “It’s okay because I see the love, I see the people, I see what we’re doing,” said Trump. And let me tell you, folks, the love for Trump is tremendous. It’s like a tidal wave of red hats and “Make America Great Again” chants.

Trump’s strong endorsement is expected to give Gaetz a major advantage if he decides to announce his run for governor. I can already see the campaign signs now: “Gaetz for Governor: Trump Approved!” These two have been like peas in a pod since Trump’s time in office, and their political alignment is as clear as day.

While Gaetz hasn’t officially announced his run, political analysts believe that an endorsement from Trump could be a game-changer in the Republican primary. And recent events in Tallahassee have only added fuel to the fire. Gaetz’s presence at a reception held by Florida Republican State Rep. Danny Perez has sparked speculation and hints at his intentions. I have to say, folks, Gaetz knows how to make an entrance. It’s like he was born for the spotlight!

Gaetz’s relationship with the current Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, has had its ups and downs. But let’s not forget, it was Trump’s endorsement that helped DeSantis secure his victory in the 2018 Republican primary. Trump’s influence in Florida politics cannot be understated, and his endorsement alone could be the ticket to Gaetz’s success.

Even democratic political donor John Morgan believes Gaetz has a shot. “I think he will. He will be running in a large field. He could win with 30 percent. Trump’s endorsement alone gets him that,” Morgan stated. That’s right, folks, Gaetz could win with just 30 percent! Who needs a majority when you have the Trump stamp of approval?

Despite all the political aspirations, Gaetz remains a central figure in Washington, always ready to speak his mind and stir up controversy. He’s even had disagreements with other Republicans, like House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. But hey, that’s just Gaetz being Gaetz. He’s not afraid to ruffle a few feathers, and that’s what we need more of in Washington!

So, buckle up, Florida! The Gaetz train might be coming to a governor’s mansion near you. And with Trump’s endorsement, you can bet it’ll be a wild and exciting ride. Get ready to make America Florida again!

Written by Staff Reports

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