Scalise’s Cancer Plummets After Just One Month of Treatment

In a triumphant return to work, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise announced that his cancer treatment has been remarkably effective, allowing him to tackle the crucial tasks at hand in Congress. After being diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of blood cancer, in August, the Louisiana Republican made the decision to pursue chemotherapy as his primary treatment.

Speaking about his progress, the 57-year-old Scalise enthusiastically stated, “The good news is the cancer has dropped dramatically because of the success of the chemotherapy attacking the cancer.” Clearly grateful, he added, “So thank God, those prayers have been answered.” Following his doctor’s advice, Scalise confidently returned to Capitol Hill, ready to put in a full week of work to address pressing issues.

Indeed, his comeback is well-timed, as Congress faces a critical deadline for funding the government – just three days away – before the threat of a partial government shutdown looms large. After months of delays, House lawmakers are now urgently attempting to pass four spending bills. However, the GOP conference remains divided, struggling to find common ground on a stopgap spending bill that would keep the government open. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has reassured his colleagues that such a bill will be brought to the floor by Friday.

Many Republicans in the House have firmly rallied behind the idea of using the House’s renowned border bill as a bargaining chip in the stopgap spending measure. They argue that a vote against it would effectively endorse President Biden’s southern border policy, which has seemingly opened the floodgates to illegal immigration. Nevertheless, there are holdout lawmakers who remain steadfast in their refusal to support a stopgap bill, potentially jeopardizing the entire plan.

Blaming President Biden and the Senate for the current predicament, Scalise maintains that the administration’s failure to address the Secure the Border Act earlier has left the country in a volatile position. However, he firmly believes that if the House can pass the spending bills and a stopgap measure that includes the border bill, it will exert enough pressure on the Senate and the White House to follow suit. “I really do think if we put the skins on the wall, if we pass the bills this week to do that, the Senate will follow, and the White House will have to follow because the country’s there,” Scalise confidently exclaimed.

With his effective cancer treatment bolstering his spirits and resolve, Steve Scalise returns to Congress ready to face the challenges head-on. As the week unfolds, the nation watches eagerly to see if his optimism and determination can help tip the scales in favor of a functional and funded government.

Written by Staff Reports

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