Mitch McConnell Is Just Fine Tying Disaster Relief to Ukrainian Aid, Because He’s Awful

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's decision to support the Biden administration's plan to provide aid to Ukraine while also directing the same assistance to domestic disasters comes as no surprise, given his history of spending. Although he has played a significant role in the judiciary branch, his spending habits do not align with those of the conservative movement. It's time to bid farewell to him and hope for better days ahead.

As the Senate majority leader, McConnell and other Republican members of the Senate have supported the administration's $40 billion supplemental spending bill. However, some of his House counterparts are not in favor of allocating more money for Ukraine. The two chambers' leaders are expected to pass several spending bills next week, which highlight the stark contrast between their effectiveness.

Reports about the rising national deficit have raised concerns. Without a recession, pandemic, or war, the government's spending is irresponsible. Although Biden claims that the deficit has been reduced by $1.7 trillion, it is expected to reach $2 trillion by the end of this year.

The rising deficit can be blamed on various factors, such as the increasing prices of food and fuel. Although the paper economy is doing well, the government's revenue is still declining due to the decreased consumer spending.

Despite the positive economic data, the government is still committed to maintaining its excessive spending. Republicans, such as Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell, are responsible for the country's economic mess. Their support for programs that are wasteful only adds to the problem. The administration's decision to link aid packages for Ukraine, the southern border, and domestic disasters is political and serves as a pressure point for conservative members.

It is very disappointing that McConnell and his gang continue to work against the country's interests through their tactics. Their objective is to browbeat the opposition and force them to mindlessly spend. It's time for change.

Written by Staff Reports

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