Ohio Law Blocks Biden from November Ballot

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has stated that President Joe Biden will not be on Ohio's presidential ballot in November. LaRose told the Ohio Democratic Party that Biden's inclusion on the ballot will depend on the decisions made by the Democratic National Committee. This decision stems from a discrepancy between an Ohio law that mandates that presidential contenders verify their candidacies to the secretary of state's office ninety days before to the election and the scheduled confirmation of Joe Biden as the nominee by the Democratic National Convention on August 19.

Ohio's legislature has adjourned, therefore there is no opportunity to amend the legislation before the deadline of August 7. To address this issue, the leaders of the Ohio Senate advanced a bill that would permit certification 74 days before the election; however, the House adjourned without voting on any of the bill's variants.

The Democratic Party can choose to postpone the convention or bring legal action, arguing that the deadline that eliminated Biden from consideration violated the First and Fourteenth Amendments. But Biden's 10% decline from the previous president in Ohio suggests that the Democratic Party in the state faces challenging times ahead.

This development highlights the challenges facing the Democratic Party in Ohio, a crucial swing state that backed Trump in the 2020 election. It highlights how crucial it is to do rid of legal and administrative obstacles so that people can vote for the politicians of their choice.

Written by Staff Reports

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