Poll Shock: Trump Obliterates Biden on Crucial 2024 Topics!

The Biden Administration is showing signs of weakness, according to a recent Marquette Law School Poll national survey. The survey reveals that former President Trump is polling at 51% among registered voters, while President Biden is at 49%. The pollster predicts a close presidential race ahead.

The poll also indicates that Biden’s lead only holds when polling likely voters, with Trump garnering 49%. However, this lead can be attributed more to hyper-partisan polarization than to trust in Biden’s policies and abilities.

On key issues, Trump is outperforming Biden by a significant margin. Trump is polling at 52% on the Economy, Border Security, and Inflation, while Biden is at 28%. In the category of Creating Jobs, Trump leads with 49%, compared to Biden’s 30%. On Foreign Relations, Trump is at 43%, while Biden is at 38%.

Biden did outpoll Trump in three areas, but with narrow margins. He won on Medicare and SSA (Social Security) by only two points, with 39% to Trump’s 37%. On Abortion, Biden polled at 43%.

The poll also revealed that 77% of those surveyed believe Biden is too old to be president. This is a significant blow to Biden’s credibility.

When it comes to the economy, the outlook is dire for Biden. 77% of Americans hold a negative view of the economy under his administration. This negative opinion could have a significant impact on the upcoming election, as James Carville famously said in 1992, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

The poll was conducted from September 18-25 with a sample size of 868 registered voters. The margin of error is +/-4.4%. It’s worth noting that the sample appeared to be oversampled in favor of Democrats, which makes the findings against Biden even more concerning.

In terms of primary election preferences among Republican-leaning voters, Trump is leading with a significant 44% margin over his closest competitor, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. This shows that Trump remains a strong contender within his party.

Overall, the survey suggests that Biden’s administration is facing doubts and challenges, particularly in the areas of the economy and voter enthusiasm. Trump’s strong performance on key issues and his lead among Republican-leaning voters indicate that he could present a formidable challenge to Biden’s re-election bid.

Written by Staff Reports

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