Pride Month Backlash: Brands Alienating Customers with Rainbow Pandering

It’s no surprise that June signals the start of Pride Month, and with it comes the dreaded rainbow logos that seem to be everywhere you turn. While many big-name brands have been known to switch their logos to a rainbow theme, it seems that some are finally realizing that this kind of virtue signaling is doing nothing but alienating their customers.

For example, Bud Light and Target have both received backlash for pushing gay and lesbian merchandise as well as clothing and other products for people who say they are transgender. It’s no coincidence that Bud Light sales have been declining from April to May; it seems that support for Pride Month is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Despite this backlash, many companies have still chosen to switch to rainbow logos on June 1. However, it seems that some have already realized the error of their ways, with places like Major League Baseball and the U.S. Navy’s Twitter account quickly removing their Pride banners by June 2.

Surprisingly, there are still holdouts like Target and Bud Light who have not changed their logos at all. It’s clear that these companies are more interested in pandering to a small vocal minority than they are in keeping their customer base happy.

As more and more companies realize the negative impact that virtue signaling can have on their bottom line, perhaps we will finally see an end to this annual display of rainbow logos. In the meantime, conservative Americans can rest assured that they have options for companies that care more about their products and less about their public image.

Written by Staff Reports

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