Progressive Dems Push Biden: Stand Against Israel’s Gaza Plans!

Progressive Democrats in the House have once again made their agenda clear, this time pressing President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Israel’s planned operations in Gaza. In a letter signed by 55 House members, these far-left lawmakers expressed their concerns about civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip, seemingly ignoring the 1,500 Hamas terrorists that invaded and attacked Israel from Gaza just a week ago.

While acknowledging Israel’s right to defend itself and respond to these vicious attacks, these Democrats demanded that Israel’s response “take into account the millions of innocent civilians in Gaza.” It’s important to remember that these innocent civilians are suffering the consequences of Hamas’ terror campaign—a terror campaign that these Democrats conveniently failed to condemn.

Despite Israel’s efforts to minimize civilian casualties, including the evacuation of Gaza City’s northern regions, these lawmakers still urged the Biden administration to make sure that innocent civilians are protected during the coming military operations in Gaza City. It’s as if they expect the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) to have magical powers to differentiate between civilians and Hamas terrorists who use them as human shields.

The IDF has made it clear that its operations aim to take away Hamas’ military capabilities and ensure that Israeli civilians are safe from future attacks. Yet, these progressive Democrats requested that the Biden administration pressure Israel to adhere to international law and restore the delivery of essential supplies to Gaza, conveniently ignoring the fact that Hamas’ attacks on Israel led to these consequences.

Furthermore, these Democrats called on President Biden to discourage hate crimes against both Muslims and Jews, a worthy cause indeed, but then they added the line “Hamas is not the Palestinian people.” It’s almost as if they were trying to distance Hamas from the responsibility of its actions, even though it is Hamas that has taken innocent Israelis hostage and launched thousands of rockets at Israeli cities.

It’s clear that these progressive Democrats are playing politics instead of seeking a solution for the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Their demands fail to acknowledge the reality on the ground and condemn the true instigators of violence. If they truly cared about the future and safety of both Israelis and Palestinians, they would support Israel’s efforts to defend its citizens and eradicate terrorism from its borders.

Written by Staff Reports

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