Ramaswamy Exposes ICE’s Secret Weapon Dems Ignore to Shield Illegals!

Vivek Ramaswamy, a GOP primary candidate and businessman, boldly declared during the recent debate that the federal government already possesses the power to boot out any and all illegal aliens residing in the United States. That’s right, folks! Ramaswamy adamantly stated that President Joe Biden and Congress don’t need to get their hands dirty passing new laws to make this happen. The authority for deportation is already written in the federal law, according to Ramaswamy.

Ramaswamy revealed the little-known 287(g) provision, lurking in our nation’s legal framework. This provision allows the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency to enlist the help of local law enforcement to round up and boot out those who are in our country unlawfully. Yet, shockingly, the professional politicians in the Republican Party seemingly refuse to acknowledge this powerful tool at our disposal. Ramaswamy emphasized that there’s a whopping one million law enforcement officials in our country who could be mobilized to enforce these ICE warrants, and it’s high time this fact is recognized and acted upon.

But hold on to your hats, folks, because here comes the real kicker! President Biden’s administration has been maneuvering to dismantle ICE’s 287(g) program through sneaky “sanctuary country” orders that greatly limit the ability of ICE agents to detain and deport illegal aliens. In fact, a report by Representatives Jim Jordan and Tom McClintock disclosed that Biden is essentially allowing a shocking 99 percent of illegal aliens arriving in the U.S. to roam free without facing deportation!

The records unveiled a sobering truth – Biden slashed the number of illegal aliens being deported from within the U.S. by a jaw-dropping 70 percent. Even gang members who are in the country illegally have been getting a free pass like never before.

It’s clear as day that our nation’s security and integrity are at serious risk under the Biden administration. The federal law gives us the power to deport illegal aliens, and yet the Democrats are shamelessly obstructing enforcement at every turn. It’s high time for Americans to stand up and demand that our laws be upheld and our borders be secured.

And that’s a wrap, folks! Stay tuned for more hard-hitting coverage from your friends at Breitbart News.

Written by Staff Reports

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