Rep Jackson Suggests Biden Using Performance Enhancers Ahead of Debate

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), a former White House physician, raised eyebrows during his recent appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo. Jackson didn’t hold back as he suggested that President Joe Biden’s sudden disappearance from the public eye leading up to the debate might not have been just for debate prep, as the Biden camp claimed.

In a bold move, Jackson hinted that Biden’s medical team could be tinkering with performance-enhancing drugs to boost the President’s cognitive abilities ahead of the debate. Jackson emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability, highlighting the lack of response to his previous calls for Biden to undergo a cognitive test similar to what former President Trump underwent.

Jackson’s concerns didn’t stop there. He went on to allege that Biden’s State of the Union address showed a different version of the President, hinting at possible medication adjusting happening at Camp David. Jackson raised suspicions about Biden’s alertness, cognitive issues, and agitation, suggesting a troubling scenario where the President might need pharmaceutical assistance to function adequately.

The former White House physician didn’t mince words when he demanded that Biden submit to a drug test before and after the debate, specifically targeting performance-enhancing substances. Jackson’s pointed remarks underscored the broader conservative skepticism about the transparency and honesty of the Biden administration, especially regarding the President’s cognitive fitness.

As Jackson doubled down on his call for accountability, his assertions will undoubtedly fuel existing conservative doubts about Biden’s ability to lead effectively without external chemical aid. The conservative base is likely to rally behind Jackson’s demand for clarity and assurance that the President is not relying on performance-enhancing drugs to fulfill his duties.

Written by Staff Reports

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