Same Old Biden: Shuffling Campaign Deck for Doomed 2024 Run

It seems that President Joe Biden has once again resorted to his previous strategies. In an unprecedented maneuver reminiscent of a liberal strategy manual, he is soliciting the assistance of his dependable associates to disrupt his reelection campaign in 2024. Biden has appointed Jennifer O'Malley Dillon, his 2020 campaign manager and White House deputy chief of staff, and Mike Donilon, his presidential senior adviser, as his chairman and chief strategist, respectively. This is analogous to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Undoubtedly, quite the unexpected! Not!

However, much more remains! Nominee Julie Chavez Rodriguez intends to maintain her position as campaign manager, which she has previously occupied. Dillon will be assigned the responsibility of organizing and carrying out his strategy in order to secure 270 electoral votes. Donilon shall be held accountable for the development and execution of the sponsored media and communications strategy. Could one not argue that the experience is nearly identical to attending a reunion tour with familiar faces?

It appears that the circumstances will remain largely unaffected by the forthcoming modifications that are scheduled to be executed in the coming weeks. Chavez Rodriguez told the Washington Examiner, "Mike and Jen were indispensable members of the senior team that assisted President Biden and Vice President Harris in securing the most votes in American history in 2020." "We are ecstatic that they have devoted their full-time leadership and strategic prowess to securing their re-election to the White House for an additional term of four years." That seems to me to be an overabundance of self-congratulation and back-patting.

In response to criticisms, including one from former President Barack Obama, that Biden's campaign is as inadequate as a student who fails to prepare for a major exam, these changes have been implemented. Concerns have been raised regarding the campaign's readiness for the general election, particularly in light of the potential nomination of former President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination in 2024. Furthermore, it is imperative to contemplate the potential for mismanagement, given the historical alignment of political decisions between the state of Delaware and the White House. It appears that the far-left hand is inattentive to the left hand's actions!

Jim Messina, who served as the campaign manager for Barack Obama in 2012, expressed his position on the matter. In light of the fact that he described it as a "shrewd move" and was an Obama campaign supporter, that evaluation ought to be regarded with skepticism. Furthermore, Democratic strategist Maria Cardona hypothesized that Julie, who oversees a formidable campaign operation, might be willing to engage in combat with Donald Trump. Do I mean, in fact, individuals? Those who maintain the view that Biden has a reasonable opportunity to win the 2024 presidential election are residing in a domain characterized by irrationality. Whom do they intend to kidnap from this particular location?

Without a doubt, O'Malley Dillon exhibits considerable proficiency in this field, given her leadership position during Biden's 2020 campaign and her position as the deputy manager of an Obama initiative in 2012. It is as though they continue to rely on the same old actors in the hope that something novel will transpire. However, wouldn't that precisely constitute the definition of insanity? Furthermore, it is of utmost importance to acknowledge Chávez Rodríguez, who served as vice president Joe Biden's former director of intergovernmental affairs at the White House and as his deputy campaign manager for 2020 under the guidance of O'Malley Dillon. Chávez Rodríguez is the granddaughter of the labor activist Cesar Chavez. The option of retaining everything in the family should be considered.

Everyone, the discussion has now come to a close. With the intention of preparing for a potential transformation in 2024, Biden is reorganizing his team. As the adage goes, however, new strategies cannot be taught to an aging hound.

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